Monday, November 10, 2008

So, per request from my sweet Mama, I need to briefly explain what Not me! Monday is...Basically it's when you write down a summary of your week of things that you "did not" do but actually you really did. Get it, got it, good...Click on the link above to read more Not me! posts brought to you by McKmama over at My Charming Kids:)

I did not have a spider crawl out on the arm of our couch and almost make me...scared the...scream and scream and my knight in shining armour saved me, and then took this picture of his victim. I'm not afraid of spiders, what kind of girl would I be? And I've certainly never thought of getting a gun to shoot a spider before out of sheer fear! Never, not me.

Steve and I did not wake up to our cat, Marley, (making that noise that we've all heard on America's Funniest Home Videos when the cat sounds like it's talking)and then watch him puke.

I did not think our cat, while he was speaking, was going to tell us that our president elect was the Anti-Christ. That wouldn't be very realistic of my cat to talk...

I then, did not, run to the bathroom to puke also, more like dry heave. I wouldn't I have a stomach of steel.

I did not go to fashion show. How silly would that be?

I have not been thinking, and only thinking, of doing a FAT FLUSH. I would never just think of doing something, I'm a doer! DO, DO, DO!

I did not make the mistake of going to a beauty college to get my hair highlighted and it did not take FOUR. AND. A. HALF. HOURS!

The stylist at the college did not make me get on my knees! to rinse out the sides of my hair. How absurd would that be? Have you ever even heard of such a thing!?

My son did not turn 11 years old on Friday! There's no way since he is my sweet "little" boy who has to stay little forever!

Steve and I did not celebrate out 12th year anniversary on Sunday! There's just no way that time could have flown by like that.

Oh wait! Dever Mind, I did do, or had done to me, all of these things:)

What have you "not" done lately?


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