Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That's Who I Am...

I am the wife to a most wonderful husband of almost 12 years (in like 6 days)! I had a crush on him from the moment that I saw this handsome fella. He was way too old (hehe!), so I never dreamed that he'd actually be my husband someday. Yet here we are, against the odds set before us, together, totally and completely in love. He is a sweet, giving, loving, amazing, thoughtful, generous, considerate and patient man who is an amazing daddy to our three babies. And I still have a huge crush on my man!
I am the mother of three beautiful, wonderful, banshees children. I can't imagine my life without them. They are each so unique and amazing in their own ways.

My Bubba is a sensitive, strong, sweet, smart, giving, caring, football playin', UFC pretendin', deal findin', all American boy.

My girl~Abbie-dabs is a sweet, sensitive, smart, strong-willed, sometimes stubborn, independent, observant, make-up wearin', clothes shoppin', book readin', Hannah Montana watchin' (we've been tonin' this down:), horse lovin' drama queen mini-me (in oh so many ways!).

And lastly my Meme is a sweet, compassionate, caring, smart, critter-lovin', dirt diggin', book readin', acorn collectin', heart stealin' baby of the family. I am utterly and completely blessed beyond measure!

I am the daughter of Lynn. My dad is an amazing man. He's taught me so much and continues to do so. My childhood memories of him are filled with adventure, stories, songs, lessons, and of thinking how handsome he was and how good he smelled when he came home from a hard days work (he smelled of saw dust) at one of the most dangerous jobs on earth.

He's a logger, a faller to be exact. I remember hearing him leave for work before even the birds were awake, and I would always pray that God would protect him from harm and bring him home to us that night. God answered my prayers, though there have been some very close calls. About 10 years ago, he injured his eye (a tree swung up and sliced it in half:o) and lost sight in that eye. I was upset for him, but so thankful that he was alive for us, for my children. God is good. I couldn't ask for a better dad. Growing up, all my friends wished they had a dad like mine:)

I am the daughter of Cathy. I've written quite a bit about my Mama, so some of you have gotten to know her a little. She is an amazing woman. We are extremely close, I hate going even a day without talking to her. Our goodbyes are awful, our time together is amazing! I've had to come to terms with having to go weeks and months without seeing her. I realize, though, that it could be worse, it could be farther.

I remember growing up wanting to be just like her. I just couldn't wait to fit into her shoes! I've always admired her strength, boldness and her ability to laugh. And boy do we laugh. She's taught me that laughing just does something for your soul, rejuvenates it in a sense. I love to laugh with my mom. She taught me to laugh and to love...My mom was only 14 when she found out she was pregnant with me. As hard and scary and lonely as that was, she forged ahead into the great unknown of parenthood.

My mom and dad were married soon after finding out about the pregnancy. She's told me that a nurse once took her in a room and told her about abortion and that it was an option if she wanted. She said that although she was unsure of exactly what was happening inside her belly, one thing she did know is that she would never kill a baby. My relationship with my mom has grown to be something that I would have never imagined to have with her. We've had our hard times (teen age years are hard!). But overall we've come out of those times stronger and closer than ever before. She's my best friend (besides Steve, of course:)! I love my mom with all of my heart.

I am a sister to Sean, Megan and Elli. You all have met my brother, Sean, who I adore. You haven't yet met my two sisters, actually I'm sorry you have met Elli once.... Let's start with Megan, she is my sister from my Dad's side:) and sweet Elli is from my Mom's:) I hate using the term, half-sister, so...Megan is almost 18 and she is a beautiful, sweet, smart, funny, thoughtful, generous, aunt of my children, and she's an amazing artist & photographer. I love to laugh and spend time with Meg whenever I can!

My little sister, Elli, is 9.5 years old! That's right, younger than Austin and older than Abbie. Elli is also a beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, sweet girl. She is extremely close to my children, they're all like siblings really. I am so blessed to have her as my sister. I love watching her grow into a wonderful young lady:)

Elli and the kids this summer

Lastly, I am, of course, a child of God. Above all else, for none of any of this would be possible, without the Lord. Since I was a child I've always talked to God as if he were standing right beside me. Before I even knew what that meant, I never once have doubted that He was listening.

My parents were divorced when I was 9. That was the hardest time in my life much of which I completely blocked out. It was like a death for me, one that took years to heal. During that time, for reasons of his own, my dad taught my brother and I of faith. He taught about the faith of a mustard seed and how it could move mountains. So, every night from then on I prayed that the mountain behind us would move. I believed with everything inside me that that mountain would move, the fact that it didn't (I don't think?) certainly didn't waver my faith in the Lord. I am so thankful for His forgiveness, grace and mercy in my life.

Without the Lord I wouldn't be who I am today, as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. I used to believe that I had to ask Jesus into my heart every night before bed, you know, in case he came and I maybe had sinned or something. I didn't realize that we are all sinners, saved by grace. Oh! Phew! My relationship with the Lord will continue to grow until the day that I die. I am blessed beyond measure, because He first loved me...That's who I am.


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