Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh, I Kid You Not

So, a lot of you sent comments to my Not me! post in regards to the Alaska thing. I appreciate them all. I just had to tell you about the couple of very weird signs coincidences that have happened lately.

First of all I was at Goodwill, oh yes I found lots of goodies, and I kid you not, there was a man in full-on fisherman's attire (you know the yellow rain gear- minus the hat) he seemed to be everywhere in the store that I was?! Isn't that weird. I don't live near the sea where one would where such a thing by the way. I actually looked at the guy thinking, "is he serious?"

Secondly, tonight Abbie brought home her reading book and the required story, Balto. For those of you who aren't aware the story is based in Alaska! That's right, the dog who saved Nome, Alaska. I kid you not! Maybe I'm reaching, paranoid, or from Crazy Town?!


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