Monday, December 1, 2008

Party Time & Not Me! Monday

So I went shopping yesterday for a cute top and hopefully some jeans for the Christmas party last night. I HATE shopping for jeans, it always ends up depressing me. Well, let me just say that I've been inspired to lose some booty.

Baby got back in a big way. The thing is I'm not overweight, I'm outa-shape! It's easier in the fall/winter months to let myself go a bit. I am so done with that! No, really I am. In fact, I'm gonna walk today. Oh yeah, exercise. What? You looked shocked. I exercise...NOT! But I'm going to start. Seriously, if I don't my booty will overtake me and I'll be Bootyfull or Full of Booty whichever! HEHE! How many times have I said, "Booty?"

So did I find jeans? Definitely NOT! But I did find a cute top to wear with my EVERYDAY jeans. Steve was getting ready to wear his slacks and a nice shirt. I asked him to PLEASE wear his jeans instead so I wouldn't be alone. THANKS HONEY!

This is us (taken by Bubba)

and of course what's a picture without doing BLUE STEEL...

Now it's time for some things that I absolutely didn't, wouldn't, couldn't and shouldn't have---Not me!

  • I did not forget to attend my scheduled parent/teacher conferences last week. I'm prompt and on time ALL the time.

  • I did not wash the same load of laundry 2 times due to stinky, moldy smells. When I do laundry I wash, dry, fold and put away right away, always.

  • I did not go shopping of Black Friday and sternly tell 2 men to "Back Off!" I'm kind and giving, and always turn the other cheek.

  • My dog's do not have a flea issue, again. I make sure to always give them their flea med's when they need them...When is that again?

  • I am not leaving anything that I did not do out of this list because I'm so organized that I write every little thing down as it happens so I won't forget.

  • I am not running around like a chicken with her head cut off lately. I'm always calm, cool and collected.

What have you "not" done lately? Click the link below and see what everyone else is "not" doing and join the fun!


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