Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

Day 1- We opened our first box on the Advent calendar that I made. According to the slip of paper, we were suppose to go and pick out a Christmas tree but Daddy isn't feeling well, so instead we're going to make snowflakes at home and in looking for some templates for cool snowflakes we found this fun site we just had to share as a gift to you!

The kids took turns making snowflakes on this site, I had to practically pry them off of it...So we could make some of these:

I think I'll make some 3d snowflakes this week too (stay tuned)! I love snowflakes. Almost as much as I love my thweet Dego-degs (pronounced plain 'ol "Diego" when he's in trouble:)

After making snowflakes the kids and I had a little bible study, which was so much fun! Abbie and I then decided to tend to need for sugar, & we made some snicker doodles. I wanted chocolate chip cookies, of course, but my sweet girl really wanted snicker doodles. Snicker doodles it is then...She also wanted to take some pictures of her cookies, I guess she must watch me. Who am I kidding? She's like a mirror image of me!

I found this on the camera also. A self portrait of Abbie checking on the cookies, and no doubt eating the cookie dough. I told you she's my mini-me and I know that's what I would do:)

OOOO...look she's got her surprised look on. Work it girl! Work it! Maybe I can get them all to pose with a littel BLUE STEEL!?

Overall, it was a good night spent together! Not to mention it's now one day closer to Christmas and that's always a good thing...Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! Come back tomorrow!


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