Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Christmas MeMe

This was our Christmas card picture last year

I decided to start a Christmas meme, I've seen a few but haven't been tagged. So I thought hey, I could start my own...Here goes.

The rules:
  1. Provide a link to the person who tagged you & post the rules on your blog
  2. Answer the Christmassy questions
  3. Tag 4 bloggy friends
  4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

It's that simple, now here we go...

Favorite Christmas carol?

Silent night

Favorite Christmas movie?

(I have a whole list, but here's a couple) A Christmas Carol & A Christmas Story

How many Christmas cards do you send out?

Do you send a Christmas letter, picture, or card?

We've sent out a Christmas picture for the last couple of years, everyone seems to really enjoy them, especially our family that live on the other side of the country:)

Travel or stay home?

We seem to always travel somewhere. One year we were on our way to my dad's for Christmas and an avalanche! It was on the news and everything. We saw trickling snow and within inches of our bumper an avalanche came crashing down. It closed down the mountain pass we were traveling over.

Real or fake tree?
Most years it's been real, but there have been times that the real tree has died, yes died, and we've had to replace it with our fake tree. So, we own a fake tree but prefer a real one.

Do you like eggnog?
Yes, I love, love, love eggnog!

Favorite Christmas childhood memory?
Sleeping under the Christmas tree, the presents were all under there and the lights were on. I just remember being filled with such excitement and wonder. I am planning on setting up camp under our tree with the kids this year. I can't wait!

Christmas traditions new or old or both?
A tradition that we've always had is getting the kids a new ornament each year, a new tradition we've started this year is a twist on the advent calendar. Enjoying the countdown to Christmas by reading the bible each evening as a family along with a treat of some sort.

Tag---Your it!

  1. Eight Crazy

  2. Valarie Lea From Tennessee now from Alabama


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