Monday, November 17, 2008

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"Not me!" posts from other wonderful bloggers such as myself:)

Brought to you by McMama @ My Charming Kids.

  • It's not already a bit past 9 pm Monday.

  • I did not take my dogs to the vet to find that sweet Dozer-Roze not only has hot spots but...YEAST! That would be totally gross, my dog would never have a disgusting problem like CANDIDA, because hello! I wash my dogs, cat, rat, kids, self, sheets, dishes, laundry, car, hair, windows, house, and everything else like every single day.

  • Steve did not decline ALASKA! (I'm doin' a dance!)

  • I am not trying to quit sugar, dairy and red meat for the umpteenth time. Why would I need to do that! Sugar's healthy, and my intestines have teeth so red meats fine too!

  • I do not have a paper due by midnight tonight and instead of finishing it up, I am not bloggin right now! How irresponsible do you think I am?

  • I am not already listening to Christmas music while making my Advent calendar in anticipation of Christmas.

  • It has not been 4 weeks of "Not me!" posts for me, because that would mean that Aunt Flo is back. (Hey salsaeye, Aunt Flo isn't really my aunt, love you!:)

  • Aunt Flo so did not show up this morning only to explain to me once more why Mommy's been a bit on edge lately.

  • I'm not at all surprised every. Single. Month when she comes because I have time to pay attention to those sorts of things...It's not like she has an appointment!

Thanks for joining me for my "Not me! Monday" post, better late than never, right? What have you not done lately?


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