Saturday, December 20, 2008

My 20 Little Things List

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My list of 20 things I

Treasure at Christmas

  1. The memories held in the ornaments we hang on our tree.

  2. Driving around to gaze at the twinkling lights on houses that we pass by.

  3. The wonder in my children's faces as each day draws closer.

  4. The smell of our Christmas tree each time I come home.

  5. Hot cocoa.

  6. Making cookies and goodies to give away as gifts.

  7. Being surrounded by family.

  8. Showing my children the gift in the giving, and the gratitude in the receiving.

  9. Checking the mail to find Christmas cards a plenty!

  10. Playing in the snow!

  11. Watching Christmas movies with the kids, especially when the "oldies" are new to them.

  12. Opening the homemade gifts from the kids, and seeing their faces filled with pride and joy:)

  13. Singing Christmas carols in the car with the kids.

  14. Letting the kids shop for each other and watching them carefully choose with such love and care.

  15. Keeping the true reason, the birth of Jesus, for Christmas alive in all of our hearts and minds.

  16. Wishing strangers that I pass by a very Merry Christmas, especially in the day when that phrase seems to be fading.

  17. Letting the kids camp out under the lit up tree.

  18. Wrapping presents and placing them under the tree for the kids to see and have to guess and wonder what they could be.

  19. Making snowflakes with the kids.

  20. Realizing the reality of what Mary must have felt knowing that her son was also the son of God, the King of Kings, and that one day he would have to die to pay for the sins of the world. As a mother to consider the thought alone of the death of your child is almost unbearable, I can't imagine the reality of it.


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