Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Me! Monday

This is a our very first ornament given to us by my mom, representing our first tree that we went out and cut ourselves:)

  • I am not writing this throughout the week so that I won't forget what has hasn't happened...I wouldn't forget things such as these.

  • I did not run more than one red light this week. Hello that's breaking the law, and need I say, dangerous!

  • I was not tempted to call in "sick" again this week because I've been so tired.

  • Meme did not semi-trip a man while she was running into the home improvement store behind her brother and sister and in front of me...I taught my children to be extremely considerate at all times and they are.

  • I did not hide behind a pillar when that man looked around for the children's' rightful owner.

  • While I was looking at the Christmas garb at that store, I did not turn around to find Austin and Abbie on, yes on, a shelf hiding. Not the bottom shelf either, the middle shelf!

  • I did not allow my kids to use to make it say "Poop" and "Buttocks" and "Poo-poo" over and over while they cracked-up laughing. I would never let my children make the computer say such things.

  • I did not accidentally return one of my own books to the library. That would be just crazy!

  • One of my Kindergarten students did not draw a picture of me and say, "Look it's you with red hair, now you're sexy."

  • I did not have a look of total shock when he said this.

  • I have not been taking self portraits of myself trying to get one danged picture that I'm not totally grossed out by that I could possibly use for my blog.

  • My son did not catch me taking one of these self portraits and totally embarrass me.

  • I do not love my sweet puppy dog way too much.

  • I do not have, let's see, 4 5 blemishes on my face right at this moment! I have porcelain skin, like that of a doll or model.

  • I did not skip work Friday because I had a TON of errands to run and I hadn't slept good the night before...really I didn't.

  • Our Christmas tree did not just fall over, hit my coffee table and my computer and me and then break the #2 key on my keyboard! Why would that happen, I made sure it was in it's stand snug as a bug.

  • I am not totally proud of myself for keeping tabs on things that did not happen to me this past week:)
  • I have not been on MckMamma's blog "refreshing" waiting for her to post Not me! so that I can be at least in the top 5 on the list:)

Now let's here from you all the things that you haven't done! Click on the link below and read more Not me! posts brought to us by MckMamma over at My Charming Kids. (MckMamma if you're reading this please forgive me for misspelling MckMamma in my other Not me! posts:)


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