Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Friday Come Over Saturday We'll Have a SUNDAY

This weekend has flown by~ We made good use of our time though. There was a Christmas tree mishap which I'll talk about tomorrow in my "Not Me! Monday" post, stay tuned:)

So...I had to re-decorate my living room today to fit the tree in a good place where it won't kill me when and if it falls over again...OOPS! I just told you part of what I'll tell you tomorrow. The girls are at a friends house but before they went there we got crafty and made these:

Steve took Bubba and one of his friends to a place called Cyber center where they can watch all of the football they want while they also get to play video games! It's like heaven for them, me...not so much. Being here, alone left to my cleaning and blogging:) That is my heaven...The only problem is that they left with the new lights that I bought for the tree so I can't decorate the tree until they return this evening ... Here's the picture anyway->


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