Friday, December 5, 2008


Flew through the house like a mad woman cleaning and fussing and drinking lots of coffee.

Ran to a few different stores returning stuff I didn't need and buying stuff I didn't need...

I was blessed by my husband with a trip to Starbucks for a venti peppermint mocha (mmmm)

Dashed back home right in time for the kids to return home due to a 2-hour early release from school where it was crazy hair day. (see pictures below)

A friendly reminder received that my kids were having friends over for a sleep over.

Yes I'm tired, and happy it's Friday and that tomorrow's Saturday! Because I'm whipped I tell you...whipped!

Goodnight my friends:) Sleep tight...Stay tuned for my experiment with video, I hope.

Crazy Hair day!

This first one is of Bubba with his hair sprayed black, I know...I know...he looks like a stoned Elvis. What?! He does.

This one I used Photoshop and made it funky. I didn't realize that it made the girls look like they had dirty faces...

Ahhh...finally a cute one:) I'll have you know that Meme was so excited that she didn't have to brush her hair today. She hates brushing her hair.
I blame Steve's side of the family. Bunch a tender heads!
Not me...I used to have to hang on to the bathroom sink for dear life while my mom brushed my hair and put it into an extremely tight side pony tail! The shape of my eyes would actually change due to the tightness!


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