Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drama Queen

It's official, I am amongst royalty in my own home folks.

You see, I live with a for-real-deal DRAMA QUEEN!

My girl, my girl.

Abbie dabs is my sweet heart, my darling, my challenge, my girl.

Tonight I had to *ahem* reprimand her for rolling her eyes at me after I had told her no, she couldn't have another crescent roll until she ate the rest of her dinner. Without hesitation I sent her straight to her room.

She didn't come out for quite a while but when she finally did she looked like this...

What you don't see is her head of course, but the thing covering it is her baby blanket:(
This has brought me to the realization that my little baby girl who used to kick and squeal and giggle and laugh on this blanket before she could even crawl was now making a statement with it covering her head.

I love my sweet girl oh so much,
even when there are times when I just don't know what to do with her...

Lord Help Me!


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