Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stinky Sweet Dozer

First things first, I want to introduce all of you to a brand new blogger who is my dear friend, Southern Barbie. She is an amazing gal and I love her & I know that you will love her too!

Go show her some love click here-->SouthernBarbie<-- a="">

Some of you know that we have a lab named Dozer. If not, meet dozer-roze...

Dozer is 9 years old this year:( It's sad to know that he's getting older. Dogs just don't live long enough. The problem with Dozer is...he stinks! Yes he has a stinky, old, lab smell. EEW! I will not be the house that people wince at when they walk in because of the DOG smell. I refuse.

But he is pretty darn cute anyhow. Not to mention he's a great companion to my Dego degs (Diego). Diego loves Dozer so much.

MMMM....Whatcha rollin' in Buddy? I wonder if this little habit of yours could be one of the many reasons you stink! Nah!


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