Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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*Okay for starters my computer IS NOT infected with a "TROJAN HORSE" virus! YIKES that would be horrible. That would mean that right at this moment even my post format is messed up! GRRR.

*I did not cry, no, weep at the movies last night while watching "Hotel For Dogs." I'm totally and completely in control of myself at all times.

*I also would not recommend going to see that same movie because hello! who wants to cry?

*I could not tell you that I haven't had sugar all week, that would mean that I'm showing some sort of control over my eating habits, and we all know that's crazy!

*I do not have only 15 minutes before I have to leave for work because I'm writing my not me's right now and I don't have make up on, and the dogs haven't been fed and...well that would be irresponsible.

*I will not have spelling errors in this post because my computer isn't on the brink remember!?

*I do not absolutely have to go because if I don't my kids will miss the bus, and they have NOT ever done that!
*I am not just submitting this now due to the fact that my publish post button did not exist this morning! My computer is perfect like me:)


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