Monday, February 2, 2009

February No Spend Challenge

I found this "challenge" on the MotherLoad the other day and I thought to myself, hey, I think we could do this...I just had to see what Steve thought about this random thought of mine. It took me a couple days to finally talk to him due to my ADD moments and when I did he said, "That sounds fine, we could probably do that." Hmmmm, I don't think he heard me, "Honey, can you press pause on the Football game. I don't think you heard me." I repeated myself with his eyes actually looking at me, and he still said yes so. Here. We. Go!
Steve's biggest challenge probably will be not eating out on his lunch break, while mine is going to be staying away from thrift stores and not stopping to get a coffee from time to time on my way to work, FOR A WHOLE MONTH!

The month started out on Sunday. **Sigh** Sunday, Sunday. Church day, which is also stop at Dutch Bro's and get a coffee on our way to church day, do you know how frustrated I was when we couldn't stop because it was officially the beginning of "no spend month." GRRR! I got over it and realized that we saved around $15 on just that (we had two boys with us who would have wanted a hot chocolate)! Pretty good, eh?

I wouldn't even want to tell you how much money we threw away, wasted, burned, spent last month eating out here and there and everywhere. Steve and I love to go to lunch together, and when the kids are home we love to go to the mall and eat lunch and look around and...well, you get the picture.

You should check it out and see if you can make it through a "No Spend" month, or week or?
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I'll be keeping you updated! **GULP**
I'm sure it'll be fine (nervous smile):)
So far so good.


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