Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Facts about Little 'Ol Me

Due to the lack of creativeness in my head this morning, I thought I'd fill you in on some random, and maybe odd facts about me.

  1. I collect Hot Wheels, that's right, Hot Wheels. My dad does too and he started me on this when Austin was a baby. So for about 11 years now I've been a collector. Not as serious as some, no doubt, but I have a box full. No, I don't have a special case or room for them, geez I'm not a NERD!

  2. I also collect milk glass, a little. When I see a piece that I like at the thrift store, I pick it up. I just think its pretty.

  3. Okay here's a really weird one, embarrassing and weird. I don't even know if I should write this. But its indeed a fact...I... used to and sometimes still do, have a habit of tightening my rear end every time I would or do pass a driveway or break in the road. AAAH! I know weird right? Oh my gosh. OCD much?

  4. I officially have ADD or is it ADHD? I don't know, but I have it, slightly.

  5. I have a weak stomach, I'm the gal the passers by see picking up dog poop in the front yard, gagging at every pile. Here's the scene. I find the "pile," scoop it and then while I'm placing it in the bag, I either curse or gag, but mostly I do both~curse and gag. EEEW! I curse at the dogs for doing it, I curse at the fact that I'm the one picking it up which means Steve is usually being cursed, yes, sometimes I curse at dogs and people too. So to help with my cursing, I've deemed it the kids job to clean the dog CRAP! I call the chore, Dog Dooty.

  6. I have a bad case of road rage. It's almost like I have road turrets. It's awful, you know its bad when your kids are saying things like, "why isn't that stupid guy going?!" to which I say, "don't call him stupid, you don't know him. We don't talk like that, yes ma'am?" "Let's go jerk! Seriously, are you stopping right now! C'mon, oh my WORD! GRRRR!" It's bad people.

  7. I'm a BAD back seat driver when I'm with my husband. It's so bad that I think I've made him nervous when driving with me. So nervous that he just waits for me to tell him where to turn, which street to take, etc. If I don't we'll end up at his work, he knows how to get there. Sadly, I'm only exaggerating a little, we've ended up there before.

Well, now that you probably think differently of me, I'll sign off for now, hopefully I'll be posting something a little more interesting later:) Thanks for stopping by, leave me a comment and I'll comment cha back! OOOH! I know you will now.


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