Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creep Alert

I was at the Y last night with a girlfriend of mine, we were upstairs where not many people are, mostly women I've only seen a man working out up there once. We were using the exercise balls in a little alcove, anyhow, this man had walked by slowing one too many times (like 3 times back and forth) so I finally said something.

Here's what I said,"Excuse me." At which point he stopped, with a big smile on his face as if he was expecting me to ask for his number or something! I continued, "Your creeping me out with this back and forth stuff. If you're working out then work out, but quit walking past here back and forth because you're making us very uncomfortable." He played stupid and said, "Oh, I'm looking for someone." FYI there's only one way in and out of this place, if he was looking for someone he could have found them very easily.

"Well if you're looking for someone, then fine, but that person obviously isn't up here. You need to quit walking back and forth up here, its creepy." With that he walked away.

I get so sick and tired of creepy gawky yicky icky men. I've been know to look a creep right in his lusty eyes and say, "EEW!" or "Gross!"


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