Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes

I was outside fiddle fartin' around last week, cleaning up things that should have been cleaned up in the Fall but that's beside the point...and while out there I was angrily finding beebee's from Bubba's air soft guns~GRRR!~ and then I looked down to find that SPRING really is on its way, Hurray!

Below is sad proof that I'm behind on my *ahem* gardening. BUT who cared because these little mums are coming up through their old stalks that have yet to be cut back, the fact is people, that they're coming up.

This is my favorite Daphne budding, it smells absolutely amazing! I can't wait till it blooms.

This is a shrub, its called a, let's see here, oh yeah, Camilia (I had to call my mom to figure out the name, I had forgot. She said, "Oh honey, its a Camilian." A lizard? Cama, Cama, Cama, Cama, Cama, Camiliannnnn... Then she corrected herself, "No, I mean Camilia." Sure enough she was right, the second time at least:)
Thanks Mama!

Here's what it looked like in bloom on March 4 last year...Not very long from now! The whole bush is FULL of these big, beautiful flowers. I love it!

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes.
Spring is coming 'round the mountain, and I can't wait! I need SUN!


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