Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not me! Monday

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Not me! Monday brings me joy on a day that usually starts out pretty rough. So thank you MckMama for giving us this gift of laughter and kindredness (is that a word?)on a day that starts out with a grimace.
Let's get this party started! This last week I most certainly, absolutely did not:
  • Work out only one time this week, no way, not me! I work out at least three times a week now. Its just who I am, a *ahem* workoutaholic! Yeah that's it. I mean I live for it people, I yearn to sweat, feel the burn, see the muscles forming all around me...oh whatever!
  • I did not accept an invitation to sub at a bunko party that turned out to be a drunken, cussin', nasty, ew-gross, never will I return kinda party with women 5-15 years my senior. If I did all I would be able to say about that is, I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. EEW! & NAS-TAY!
  • I do not have a planter's wart on the bottom of my right foot. That's just gross, and I would never tell you about it anyway, who shares that kinda thing? Not me!
  • I did not accept a sweet invitation on Friday to take the dogs to the dog park with my husband where we could walk the track while the dogs ran. If I did accept I would be able to tell you that upon arriving I went to shut slam the door of his old Ford truck because it wouldn't shut otherwise, which is when I thought I chopped the tip of my pointer finger off. My finger nail is black, my knuckle is swollen, no big deal.
  • I did not do this to the very same finger that was sliced last week by a tin can. It did not sliced my knuckle so bad that I cussed...more than once! I don't cuss, I say things like, "oh fiddlesticks," & "silly me," you get the picture. The finger is not still swollen. My finger is beautiful, not black and blue and scarred.
  • I am not writing this on Sunday afternoon hoping to be in the top of the fab list that begins with one and ends with one million! Well, practically anyway.

Thanks for stoppin' by, ya'll come back now!


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