Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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I'm gonna dive right in...
  • This last week I did not watch my dog almost drown in a pond because he wouldn't stop chasing his splash. OCD much? My dog is so much smarter than that, he would get out when he started going under the water and yelping due to his extreme exhaustion.
  • I did not scream for Steve to help when this was happening, drama much? I'm always calm, cool and collected. (Mom, you know the scream, remember the pony rides? Yeah, it was the same scream except this time instead of screaming "MOM!" I screamed, "Steve help!" in that deep, dark scream voice.)
  • Upon seeing my dog drowning, I then did not watch as my son get in with his clothes to save our beloved Diego, and my sweet son was crying while he did so:(
  • Once our dog was on shore after "not" being saved by Bubba, I did not want to kill him myself. I mean really, how stupid can a dog be to let himself drown. But I love him...
  • I am not sick today, and not at work.
  • This is not all I've got for now! I'm so much more spry than that, or at least I will be tomorrow!
Have a wonderful Monday!


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