Thursday, April 30, 2009

And I Ramble On and On....

As I was getting the kids off to school and getting myself ready for work this morning, I was realizing how many crazy thoughts go through my head all at once. Do you ever hear yourself? I don't know about you, but as a mother and wife and friend and every other darn thing I do, I rarely hear myself. This morning, however, I did. It went a little something like this:

Okay, I can't forget my keys, did I take my med's (I DO NOT want to forget my MEDS!), sunglasses, allergy pill, go to the bathroom, coffee, do I want to take my coffee? Did I take my meds? (See a pattern? I have a problem folks, this is the reason I need meds I'm a flippin' 30 year old with dementia.)

Now where was I? I'm so happy, I have no work tomorrow, no school for the kids. *AAHH* I have big plans, finishing the flagstone patio in the backyard, mopping the house, the girls room, my hair, Bubba's hair....Hmmm...I wonder if I'll have time to finish all of this? Oh yeah, grocery shopping, what will we have for breakfast? We're out of everything, maybe I'll go get us some donuts, that would be a sinful treat, hmmm...I should get some sleep, should I sleep in or walk the dog in the morning? What time should I go ride the horse? Should I ride her tomorrow or do some ground work, get to know her better? *Yawn*

Do you ever feel like your mind just won't stop racing with thoughts? I'm a list maker, I love myself a list. I can't go BIG grocery shopping without one, I won't, I refuse! Because I hate grocery shopping you see, I hate it! So, if I forget something the first time around, you can just forget me going back. We'll have to do without whatever it was because I won't go back.

Its funny, I'm just not a shopping kind of girl. I really have to be in the mood, and even then its only in certain places. Such as the craft stores, Ross, TJ Maxx (one "X" or two?), thrift stores, and that's just about it. People are usually surprised that I'm not a typical shopping kind of girl, I guess I look like I would be or something? But I'm so not. I'd rather be outside gardening or riding my horse, or just being outside doing nothing at all. I do love thrift shopping and garage sales though! We don't have very many flea markets here or I would be doin' that too. When I went back to North Carolina and Georgia to visit "my people," as my grandma would have said, I couldn't believe the flea markets! Wish I were there...

Hey, I was just thinking (surprised?) and I've been blogging a year in July! I can't believe it. I'm going to have to get on the ball and plan something big for a giveaway somethin' or other. I probably should start blogging more while I'm at it, ya think?

Well off to beddy bye I go. I'm gonna HIT THE HAY, as my Daddy always says. Good night my friends, sorry I rambled...on...and on...and on!
Thank you for sharing in one of many of my daily ADD moments.


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