Monday, May 4, 2009

Early Bird Special

So the whole working out thing hasn't exactly been happening as of late. I've been a huge slacker since...oh....Spring Break over a month ago. When I say slacker I mean, not going at all. LOSER! Obviously I'm not THAT girl. You know the disgustingly skinny one, who you never see eat, and if you do ACTUALLY see her eat, she's eating like a carrot or something! She's the girl who is either talking about the 20 mile run she did this past week, or how she feels just awful for only going to the gym 2 times...TODAY! EEW, I really don't like that girl. That girl is definitely NOT me.

I told my friend yesterday, "Jen" I said, "We need to get back in the gym. Let's call this week our boot camp week." Boy was I amped too, I had the "let's get fired up people!" stare. That was Sunday afternoon. As evening drew nigh, I had already forgotten the tedious things that were said just hours before. That's when I got the text, "What time should I be at your house?" "Huh?" "To work out?" "Are you joking?" I texted back. "No, seriously what time?" "5:30is" I replied with my head hanging, hoping she'll say she can't and that maybe we should go in the afternoon. "I'll be there" she texted back. This is when I started counting the hours of sleep I was going to get. 6 1/2! Martha Stewart says she never gets more than 6, so I can do this.

I think I woke every hour on the hour last night...Of course! But when I got up, I actually enjoyed it, making coffee, watching Fox News. Then there she was. She said she texted instead of called because she knew we would talk each other out of going. She was right. I would have...She and I are no good for each other, can talk ourselves into or out of anything. Yet we are also both very competitive, which is all that kept us going this morning.

We worked out a whole oh, 20 minutes or so...give or take:) We were both sort of ill afterwards. I even went into the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick. That my friends is how OUT OF SHAPE I am. But its boot camp week people and I'm bound and determined to get back on track! We're going to a wedding this weekend, that will be my drive!

I'm not sure if we're going in the morning, she's "thinking" about it. That can't be good. What's even worse, I'm letting her think. I better call her right now, we really need to go! Lord, give me strength!


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