Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes

"Jason farted!" "Hanna's not sitting where she's suppose to!" "P-U I smell something."

"No, Elle's suppose to be the student of the day." "When's lunch, I'm hungry!"

"Hey Aron do like Star Wars?" "Something stinks!" "It wasn't me!"

"Is it my sharing day?" "I need a tissue." "I have a rock in my shoe!"

Sometimes all at once I hear these words in my classroom, most of them said with a squeaky, whinny voice. The teacher I work with looks at me, I look at him and we both take a deep breath and smile. This is Kindergarten...

We have one student who often has gas, I'll call her Rudy. One day "Rudy" was raising her hand, "Teacher! Teacher!" she said anxiously. So I walked over toward her and that's when it happened.

I practically passed out from the sheer weight of "it,"and I'm pretty sure I puked a little in my mouth. "It" being the FART cloud she lured me in to. Rudy laughed just as hard as she could. You see, the little sweet girl did this on purpose. She didn't need anything at all! "Rudy, that isn't funny, that's gross." I said as I tried to swallow and get further away. Kindergartners are smart little puppy's I tell you. Don't let them fool you with their sweet, little, innocent faces...


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