Monday, April 27, 2009

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

There are very few things more frustrating while Aunt Flo is in town, or any other time for that matter but especially when she's here, than sitting on hold waiting to see if they could go ahead and cancel the cable guy from coming because its close to 5 pm and I have places to be. Waiting….waiting….screaming into the phone, “are you freakin’ kidding me?!” “Oh my word!” More waiting….still no guy on the other end….thinking that if this guy can hear me, he probably thinks I’m on drugs and filled with rage, so thank goodness he can’t hear me. Can he? Oh no, what if the guy can hear me? I’ve had that happen before, this lady was being totally rude and not wanting to do what I was asking. She put me on hold and that’s when I took the opportunity to call her a name, I think I said something along the lines of, “Well SORRRRY stinky pants!” That’s when I heard, “Excuse me?” OOPS! She had not put me on hold, she was still there. “Oh not you, I was talking to someone else.” HEHE!

Just so ya’ll know, I’m writing this while still on hold. It’s keeping me from throwing the phone through the window, the phone representing the stupid guy on the other end of course. Never mind, I’m done. I’m hanging up, if the cable guy shows up, whatever! I tried. Good bye inconsiderate cable guy who never got back on the phone with me to answer my simple question, all you had to do was say, “let’s go ahead and reschedule.” But nope, you didn’t. SO goodbye!

In the car now, not literally but bare with me, and headed to the rentals place to return the roller thingy that we used on the sod. Steve forgot to return it this morning, so here I am. I’m sort of excited to use the navigation feature on my phone, taking the memory of the cable guy thing out of my mind. I got the address off line and Bubba typed it in for me while I got the huge thing in the back of the car. *Breathe*

I’m on my way and take the exit off the freeway; it’s a new, unfinished exit and very confusing, so confusing in fact, that I ended up taking a wrong turn going in the wrong direction. No big deal, I’ll make a U-turn. So I do, only to find that the only thing I can do now is get back on the freeway. Frustrating, yes, but no big deal, I remember that Steve said this place is near Albertson’s and where I’m headed isn’t far from there… In case you're wondering, I haven't started using the Navigation feature at this point, because I figured I knew right where it was. When I got the the Albertson's I turned on Navie (my name for the navigation system) and let her rip. "Turn Right in 4.3 miles...." Or so she said.

We (Navie and I) went past the Albertson's. WAY past. Way, way past! I was quickly realizing this could actually get worse. Okay, now I'm on the complete other side of town. I'm cursing at this point!! Bad!!

Turns out, when its all said and done, I realize that the stupid address on the computer was where they used to be. NICE! After driving for almost an hour, are you kidding me!!! I thought to myself, I’ll bet this darn place is near the other Albertson’s. Sure enough after over an hour of driving the entire area of this town and more cursing then there should have been (the kids weren’t with me), I finally made it. The place closes at 5:00 pm and I made it at 4:27 pm oh but wait, there’s more. Turns out Steve was suppose to have this thing back this morning! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Lord help me, give me strength, patience, peace….Where’s the Calgon when a girl needs it!

That pretty much wraps up my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

HOLY. CRAP! I need a sign,
"BEWARE kids, Mommy's not well, possibly needs medication, has gone crazy! Stay out of her way at all costs!"


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