Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marley and Me

So, we watched Marley and Me...
and it was funny, and sweet, and we could relate from our own puppy/dog experiences.

But when it started getting closer to the "end" I looked over at our very own "Marley," our Dozer-roze...and the flood gates were opened from that point on.
We were blessed to find Dozer when he was 2 1/2 years old, the same age as Abbie. That means Austin was 5 and Emelie was one. None of my children remember a time without Dozer in it. I barely do.

Last year Dozer was hit by a car, a hit and run. Steve was at work, the kids were out front playing with the dogs and Austin ran in yelling, "Dozer just got hit by a car!"

I ran outside told the kids to go inside the house and I ran to find Dozer. He was walking in, slowly, from the road. I couldn't believe he was walking, I thought he was probably just in shock and that he probably wasn't actually going to survive. I got him inside and then started to weep uncontrollably while I tried to make him comfortable. I kept telling him how sorry I was, and that he would be okay. All the while the kids sat quietly on the couch watching, waiting.
I called all the men in my life, Steve, my brother, and my dad. Steve rushed home, Sean rushed over, and my dad told me what to check for and things to watch for.

Miraculously Dozer was okay, after a week of hobbling around, he was back to normal. A miracle. As for the guy who hit him, I wanted to hunt him down, pull him out of his car and beat the living S*@t out of him! Not because he hit Dozer, but because he pulled the weasel idiot move and drove away.

Lucky for him we never did find the jerk! We looked though, with a vengeance.

Our sweet Dozer is 9 years old now, his face is no longer the dark gold color it once was, but rather a yellowish-white color that shows his age. The vet says he looks great "for his age." Which makes me happy. I love my Dozer, my handsome boy.
Dear Lord, thank you for our puppy Dozer. We love him so much Lord, and he loves us too. Please help him to live a long, healthy life. For his sake and ours too.
In Jesus' name I pray...Amen.
Dozer and his boy...


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