Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Not me Monday yet A-gain. Brought to you by "My Charming Kids," thanks McKmama!

Not me Monday is when you share with the world things that didn't (but really did) happen to you throughout the week. Click on the "Not me! Monday" icon above and join the fun!

Now here we go,

Honestly I'm drawing a blank because so many things happen to me its hard to keep track.


  • This past week I did not stick my foot in my mouth multiple, multiple times. An example as I mentioned here once before, I did not wish someone a "Happy Thanksgiving." I never do that sort of thing, I always think before I speak.

  • Steve did not surprise the kids with a Wii this week. He would surely talk to me about that first:)

  • There was not a SPIDER in the car on our way home from the Easter egg hunt.

  • As I was screaming in a slightly demonic voice, "KILL IT! KILL IT!" My son did not miss the SPIDER completely and let it live. He would never do something so careless.

  • I did not then consider walking to work tomorrow unless we found and killed that SPIDER. I'm a stronger person than that! Oh yeah, and braver too!

  • My son did not see how serious I was, find the SPIDER and kill it.

  • I did not forget to put Easter baskets on the front porch and knock on the door Easter morning because I was busy making a carrot cake for the picnic. I'm June Cleaver folks, I don't forget that kinda stuff, ever.

  • I did not get to the Easter picnic to find that I also forgot to even brush Meme's hair. She surely would have done it herself or asked me for help, she just loves to brush her hair!

  • I am not addicted to WORD MOLE on my new phone. I'm not at all the type to be addicted to things such as this.

  • I am not sitting here while my husband is swinging in the air playing the new Wii. It is not the same game he has been playing for the last hour.

  • I am not thinking of asking him to set the whole Wii system up in the garage. That would be mean.

  • Steve and I are not in a competition on Facebook to see who has the most friends. That would strange and immature. Both of which we ARE NOT!

Thanks for letting me share with you how perfect I am:) NOT!

Ya'll come back now!


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