Sunday, April 12, 2009


Why do I only have one earring on in the picture?
As I was doing laundry tonight, getting ready for Monday Steve was frying some tater tots and it got me thinking...

  • Why is it that fried food smells so good, chocolate taste so good, and thighs get so big?

  • Why is it that WHENEVER I'm in a hurry & driving somewhere, some stupid idiot gets in front of me? What? I don't have road rage or anything...

  • Why is it that I always hurt myself in the kitchen by knocking my head on a cupboard, running into a corner with my pelvic bone, cutting myself while opening a can, burning my hands on pans, and hitting my elbows on anything and everything?

  • Why does laundry never end?

  • Why does Dozer shed year-round?

  • Why spiders?

  • Why sharks?

Just wondering if anyone might know, why?


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