Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Southern Comfort

It was a blistery, cold, feelin' like Fall type of day. Going from 115' to a brisk 70' is shocking to my leg hairs!

Football is in full swing. Bubba is doing so good! Football means either we have very early dinners, or very late dinners. I know that early dinner would be better than late, but my time is slim to late dinner it is.

After sitting in the cold for 2 hours, I felt like some Southern comfort tonight, like chili n' cornbread. I didn't have any burger thawed so I made chicken chili, and it is MMM-MMM-Good! There's nothin' like chili n' cornbread if you ask me. Then for desert, cornbread and milk, cornbread in my milk that is.


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