Monday, August 3, 2009

A Tisket A Tasket Tuesday

What sorts of odds and ends are hiding in your junk drawer?
Stuff like this?
or this?

Is a JUNK DRAWER a necessity in every home? In my home, I think it is. Of course it shouldn't get to the state that its currently in, but...I'm sorry the state that THEY are currently in. You see, I have more than one. This is a problem. I think one JUNK DRAWER should suffice. However, just because its a JUNK DRAWER doesn't mean it should be SO unorganized!
Do you think that disorganization is a glimpse into the bigger picture of someones life? Some say that when a person is unorganized its very likely that they also have financial difficulties, relationship issues, etc. So, I'm on a mission to organize, not just my JUNK DRAWER, but all other areas of my life too, including my time...
What area's of your life need organized?


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