Monday, August 3, 2009

The M-M-M-Monday Mirror

The Monday Mirror- A Reflection of My Weekend
We just returned from a wonderful weekend at my mom's. Anytime my mom and I are together, its going to be eventful! While the boys played Tiger Woods golf on the Wii, we went to coffee at Starbucks, thrift shopping, stopped for a frosty at Wendy's, on a walk, storm chasing....Oh and we ran into Lyle Lovett! I'm not even kidding, we were walking last night, in the thunder and lightening and rain, and we came across an empty concert in the park. They were tearing it down due to the storm, and who walks across our path, why Lyle Lovett that's who!
Danged me if we didn't say something to him when we could have. But, we didn't. I sure do wish we woulda!
It's a strange thing when one sees a celebrity. I'm not one of those that cries, shakes uncontrollably or screams, but I couldn't believe my eyes. It was pretty darn cool!
We finally returned from our walk and sat out on the front porch to continue to watch the beautiful thunder and lightening and the kids joined us. Abbie got pushed and ended up hitting her elbow on the back of the bench she was sitting on. It shocked her funny bone to send a shocking, and sort of painful jolt up her arm. In return she screamed, a deep rooted fear kinda scream, at the top of her lungs. Because it was dark I couldn't see if she possibly cut off a finger or something, which is what the desperation sounded like to me. Turns out, it was only her funny bone, but she had thought she got struck by lightening, which is why she screamed in fear! She thought the jolt that shot up her arm was a jolt of lightening:) Sad, but very funny too!
Hope everyone had a great weekend too! Come on back tomorrow, ya hear?!


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