Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! 'Cause I'm Way Too Perfect!

Its Not Me! Monday where you get a chance to share things with everyone that absolutely didn't (but really did) happen to you, because, HELLO, these sorts of things don't happen to people of your stature...No way, not you, or me!

These last couple of weeks I did not:

  • Get bucked by my horse, only to pee myself totally and completely. I have complete control of my bladder which is why this would be impossible.
  • Have my sweet Korean neighbor, SUK (pronounced SOOK), ask me in her broken English if she could water the "dead" part of my front lawn so it can live. My lawn is perfectly plush and green year round. Like a golf course really. What was she thinking?
  • Make myself a peanut butter chocolate milkshake 2 times this past week, and eat way too many Oreo's! I would never eat such things, even though they're my favorite, because they are way too unhealthy. I mean just the other day I was asked to be on the cover of FITNESS magazine people! NOT!
  • Get a call from my oldest daughter, who is at my mom's visiting, to ask if she could live there for the school year. "Grandma said I could!" She would never consider staying away from home for that long! Parent of the Year Award anyone!?
What sorts of things didn't happen to you this past week?
Join the fun at My Charming Kids!


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