Friday, January 22, 2010

See, I Can Cowgirl Up!

I've been one busy cowgirl this past week. It all started on Monday morning when I put the horses out, I looked out to see that one of the fence panels was open! So, before the horses discovered this, I quickly got the tools and spent almost two hours fixin', claspin', twistin' and trimmin' the whole line of fence. By myself, a-thank-you!

A couple days later I was looking outside, admiring my fencin' job, I see Bailey grazing, and think to myself, "is she outside of the fence? Na, well,wait a minute...Oh my word yes! She is!" She started walking past a fence post and when I could still see the fence post as she stood in front of it,no, behind it, I knew for sure, they were out!
I hurried and threw on my boots and went out all calm like, cause I'm a cowgirl. Really, I was sort of freaking out at first, with horrible thoughts of horses running down the road, and me screaming for HELP like a crazy lady! That didn't happen though, cause I really am a cowgirl, and I rounded up the horses swiftly, all by my lonesome. BUT~Bailey and I did have a small RODEO, she was the bull and I was the clown. She tried to run back out of the field and my basketball moves came back to me as I stood my ground and guarded the fence opening. But I got-R-done in the end...Most likely with the neighbors laughing hysterically!
So today, they are both in the stall, beggin' to be let out. Needless to say I have to fix fence today...again. Bailey is the culprit, she has been leaning on the fence, reaching for greener pastures. She's my, firecracker, if you will. The feisty one...So, hot wire is going up, and we're going to be re-fencing the whole dern field in the next month, as soon as we get our taxes back. We'll have a fence raisin', ya know instead of a barn raisin'. Hehe! I know, I know, I'm so witty. Ya'll come back now!


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