Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies

Hot digity dang did we find some great deals this weekend or what! 

Cowgirl Chic Bootique will have their very own booth starting on September 1st and we are jumping out of our skin with excitement!  We found some great things that we get to use in the booth as displays as well as some fun things we'll fix up and sell!  I just had to share with everyone:   
This is a great metal milk crate, a barn wood frame, a wooden "OPEN" sign, a canvas floral print and a simple wooden peg rack.  

This metal sign I bought to keep for myself, I just couldn't resist.  It's got DIXIE on it people! 

Of course we just couldn't pass these beautiful glass jugs up! 
I did a little research and these jugs are called a Carboy and they are used for beer or wine making.  OR you could do like my family used to and use them for bootleggin'!  HEHE!
I Love this bird print!  Of course I'm a sucker for birds. You can't see in this picture, but the wings are glittered<3
I've saved my favorite finds for last, the two doors and the shutter divider that we found!  We will be using them as props in the booth.  I am madly in love with all three of them! 

Aren't they absolutely beautiful! 
Stay tuned for more, we plan on Cowgirl Chic bein' a hit at the American Mercantile! 
Come see us in September if your local! We'd also just love if you'd come visit our blogspot and follow our progress:)...So come on over to Cowgirl Chic Bootique, kick off your boots and stay a while! 



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