Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm a Bear

Apparently I'm a bear preparing for hibernation, because I've gained five pounds here lately while I've been trying to LOSE 5 pounds!  GRRR What's up with that! I guess it'll keep me warm in the winter!?  GRRR! 

I realize that I write about weighing myself a little too often, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only gal who suffers from scale issues.  I simply feel that I have no one else to share this with today.  Here are my options:
  1. Husband- No thank you, I don't tell him how much I weigh! Plus he would just be the sweet husband that he is and tell me that he thinks I'm perfect.  Honey, my dimply booty tells me otherwise! But you're sweet and I love you!
  2. Underweight neighbor who has no curves what-so-ever and thinks a size 6 is BIG!  Yeah right! That would be a joke.
  3. Mom- She'll do the mom thing and tell me how beautiful she thinks I am and that I need to quit wasting my time complaining because, "One day you'll look back at pictures and realize how good you actually looked and that you would have wasted all those good years complaining."  She's probably right, but its just so darn hard for me.
So I chose to tell you, mind you I will not be disclosing the actual number on the scale.  Who likes numbers any how?  Its just that I've been trying, sort of hard to not eat sugar, and to drink lots of water and...well apparently I haven't been trying hard enough, or maybe Bubba's yummy All American Chocolate birthday cake from Costco (that is to die for) did me in, OR maybe it was the second piece I had that night...I'll have you know that a third piece had the gall to invite me over last night and I said, "NO! Nope, not gonna do it! Get away from me Amazing All American Chocolate cake that I love, I'm breaking up with you!" 

Then, the scale laughed at me this morning, it was a deep, evil laugh, and then it smacked my bee-hind as I was walking away.  What a jerk!

My mom says to do myself a favor and throw away the scale.  Maybe I should.  I do hate it so, it never tells me what I want to hear.  I need one that only shows the number I want ("Yes!  110 lbs again!"), you know like the skinny mirror we all love, the one we go to when the "other" mirror doesn't show us what we thought we looked like. *sigh*

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. "
Genesis 5:22-23


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