Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!?

Wordless Wednesday is so hard for me, because lets face it folks, I have a lot to say! But...
 *pinching my lips closed*
Not going to do it, I'm changing the title, how about we do Winter Wonderland Wednesday?!  Heeey (pronounced long and drawn out with attitude)!
We recently went up in the snow to play because, sadly, the snow hasn't made its way to us. 
We had tons of fun! So I thought I'd share...
This is Abbie, my oldest sweet girl!  A beautiful girl inside and out♥
My Meme (aka youngest sweet girl Emelie) and her snowman:) I ♥ this picture of Meme because she looks younger than normal, with her rosy pinchable cheeks! Another inside n' out beauty♥
My Bubba, my 13 year old Bubba:(  He's at the, "I'm way too old to smile or pose for pictures thank you very much" stage.  Well too bad so sad Bub, Mama's got the camera!  ♥
 Steve hehe!  "Watch out kids!  Daddy's throwin' snow balls and he's not messin' around!"  HaHa!

This is me giving the, "Don't you dare!" serious look:) 
The Doze (a.k.a Dozer, Dozer-Roze, Old Yellow Dog to name a few:) loves the snow!  He's built for it with the snow with his bear like fur coat!
 Degy-Degs (aka Diego, Rego, Prince, Sweet Puppy to name a few) isn't as well equipped.  But he loves the snow!
This is the view that we saw of the dogs most of the day! 

Merry Christmas everyone!


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