Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodies and a Giveaway!

My house is in such disarray this week, as we're getting ready to move.  I hate this part, the boxes everywhere...The good thing is that I'm able to take this time to go through everything and purge!

In going through the girls room, I seriously felt like I was on an episode of hoarders!  I literally filled the back of our Yukon with bags of clothes and toys to take to Goodwill!!  It felt GOOD!

So, since I was already there...I had to go in to see if I could find any "Goodies."  Of course, I found some! :)  I have to admit I was hoping the girls in the back that took my "donations" didn't see me go around the front to come in to replace the items I just got rid of??!  No people, I'm looking for treasures:) 

Hello, I'm a treasure hunter!
And here's the booty...

 I ♥ the picket fence coat rack!
 Can you even believe this sweet metal family of chickens!  Love these...
Tiny, sweet urns!  I'm thinking mini topiaries♥
After treasure hunting, I got home and checked my email,  &I found out I had won
an adorable giveaway from:
It's So Very Cheri!

I entered to win these adorable aprons from
and had totally forgot that I had entered, and I won!  I'm so excited♥

Off to get more boxes for packing!  You'ns  have an amazing day now, ya hear!
"May your love and your truth always protect me.” 1 Thess. 5:11


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