Friday, May 20, 2011

Turkeys on Friday

After some business meeting's out of town, my sweet husband stopped in at my dad's for a visit.  He loves to hang with my Daddy, I think especially when I'm not there:)  They can talk man talk I guess!?  hehe!
Anyhow, he sent me a picture while he was there and told me this story. 

My dad is a timber faller and yesterday he fell a tree and discovered that it uprooted a wild turkey nest.  The mama turkey ran off, never to return.  So, my tender-hearted,  dad carefully gathered the eggs and brought them home with him. ☺
 (Ever since I can remember my dad has done stuff like this! I have the best dad in the world by the way, just sayin'!)  Well...on his way home those little turkey's started hatching! 

Well, they say that a lot of times girls grow up and marry someone like their dad's....My tender-hearted husband (seeing any similarities) and my dad decided it would be a good idea for us to have these little fellas, 10 of 'em! 
I hear everyone should own wild turkeys!?

Well dang it, they are pretty cute...I guess their keepers.  So off to the feed store I go this morning, have to get turkey supplies:) Anyone remember that episode of Little House on the Prairie (my favorite show!) where Carrie had a pet Tom turkey named...wait for it... "Tom." That was a good episode!  *sigh*
Now I'm in the mood for Little House!
As you can imagine the girls are extremely excited!  Meme's been whistling to the birds, hoping they will think she's their mama.  She says, "Mom, you know they need constant attention right now."  My sweet girl!

Its a beautiful day here today, makes me so happy!  Not to mention Steve has the day off, after the kids go to school I think we'll go out to breakfast♥ Shhh..Don't tell the kids!
What will you do on this beautiful Friday?


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