Thursday, August 25, 2011


Wow!  August is almost over, and let me tell ya we've had a month!  It started off pretty good, football was starting for Bub and that's always a highlight for Steve and I.  We also had our sweet friends coming to visit, not to mention its my birthday month.  Normally, overall August is one of my favorite months. 

Our friends came and that was wonderful, but while they were here Bub broke his shoulder tackling during practice!  PRACTICE!
Poor sweet boy:(  He handled it so well...When we realized we needed to take him to the doctor right away, we got in the truck and the first thing he says to me is, "Mom, if this is bad enough that I don't get to play this year I still don't want to miss a practice or a game." My heart sank...I'm so proud of my sweet boy. 
Just six months ago he broke his clavicle!  Please no more breaks!

Our friends left for home a couple days later, which was sad, and I'm a big fat cry baby when I have to say goodbye!  It's so hard when you get used to having people around and then they leave.   
My mom called right after and said she was going to come down for a couple days, so that made me happy again!  I miss my Mama so much, I hate being away from her, so when we get to be together I cherish the time! 

We had a wonderful time as usual, then yesterday morning Elli and Meme were swimming in the pool with my mom's dog Scooby, Mom was painting Abbie's nails, and I was sitting & relaxing watching it all when Meme screamed with pain.  Now, my girls, bless their little hearts, cry wolf every day quite often.  This has made me...well...let's just say I don't jump anymore because its usually nothing and my compassion meter has done ran out. 

So I calmly walked over to her and I saw some blood so I ran in to get her something to hold it not thinking it was a big deal, but also not knowing how she got the cut. That's when my mom said, "We need to go!" What!? I looked closer to see my sweet baby's middle finger splayed open from a dog bite! WHAT!  Apparently my mom's dern dog was biting at the plastic bat that Meme was holding and bit her finger instead! 
 Notice me with my hand on my face, that's where it stayed most of the time.  After they numbed her finger, Meme watched him give her stitches in amusement, laughing and carrying on the entire time.  At one point she says to the doctor, "well actually I should tell you, it wasn't a dog that bit was my mom.  She forgot the spankin' spoon at someone's house so she just bit me!"  HAHAHAHAH!  Oh my lord, as if it wasn't bad enough that I'm bringing my daughter in for a dog bite, now she's telling them I bit her:)  The doctor thought she was hilarious!  Thank goodness, or I might be in jail! LOL! She also said to the doctor, "Luckily we're a family that has humor."  Love my girl♥ 

So that's my month so far, it's been awesome let me tell you!  All smiles here for sure!  But really, all is well, chaotic, but well and I'm thankful for my family and the love we share! 


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