Saturday, August 20, 2011

Until Next Time Lemmon's♥

Our best friends from Southern Illinois came to visit us this past week, they pulled their amazingly cool Airstream all the way to Oregon!  It was so nice to spend time with them...but they had to leave this morning (sad face!) I hate saying goodbye! Hate, Hate!  I am going to miss them so much. 

^ I want one!  The coolest camp trailer ever♥
We took a road trip to Crater Lake. This is a picture of all the girls from left to right: Meme, Elli (my sister), Abbie, Evyn (aka Naynay), and Kendall♥ Love these girls so much!  Dee and I took them all to Wal-Mart afterward and I told her that people probably thought we were sister-wives with all these little blonde girls and two mommies!  Haha! EW!
Dego-Degs loved Naynay, and I'm pretty sure she loved him back:)  Very sweet!
Thank you Lemmon's for an amazing time together, as always♥ We love you so much and are so thankful to have you as a part of our lives!  Until next time, we already miss you tons!  Love you & Drive safe♥♥


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