Monday, September 12, 2011

NOT Me Monday Special!

Yesterday (9/11) was my handsome hubby's birthday!  We went to Newport for the day, and had an amazing time!

I am surely blessed to have such an amazing, loving, giving, handsome husband♥
 (Almost 15 years married!)

It was a long trip's some of the things that "didn't" happen to us...

Yesterday morning at around, oh, 4:30 AM I did not go to straighten my hair only to find that somehow it had toothpaste in it!  How in the world would that happen...

I then did not look past the afore mentioned toothpaste, and put the section of hair that didn't have toothpaste under the faucet for a quick fix.  That would have been lazy and unlady like, and everyone knows I'm not lazy and if I'm nothing else, I'm a lady...

We did not take the kids to McDonald's for breakfast that morning, we only eat organic, unprocessed, gluten free, vegan meals.  What kind of people do you think we are! I may not drive a Prius with a "CoEXist" sticker on it, but I care about our health! SHEESH people!

Upon NOT arriving at McDonald's, I did not walk in to find that that place had some awesome, funky tunes playing,loud!  So, of course, this did not make me bust a move, or two, or twenty with the McDonald's employees. 

It did not feel like I was on an episode of Glee as we were not singing and dancing together for an uncomfortable amount of time...That would just be weird and embarrassing to my children. 

We did not take a day road trip, that included 9 10 1/2hours of driving on a Sunday, that would be ridiculous! The kids have school on Monday for goodness sake.

On our way home from the road trip that never happened, we did not stop for pizza in a town an hour and a half away from home, where my son did not take in the ipad.

My son did not leave the ipad at the pizza parlor, only to discover this false fact almost an hour into our trip home.  I taught him better than that, he's the most responsible, almost 14 year old boy I know;)

We did not turn around and retrieve the ipad, that would have added an extra two hours to our ridiculously long road trip, and that would have been silly!

Is there anything that DID NOT happen to you this past week?  Oh do tell:) 


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