Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 10 & 11: Organizing Time

Day 10 & 11
I can't believe I forgot...again!  Honestly, it wasn't that I totally forgot, I thought about it throughout the day.  I wasn't feeling very good yesterday, and I was working on an eight page paper for school!
Those are my excuses, now let's move on:)

Obviously "time" is something I'm not that great at organizing.  Partly due to A.D.D, mostly due to not ORGANIZING my time!
First of all I can say that the COZI calendar app for my iPhone has helped me out a lot! If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly suggest it!  They don't just offer this for the iPhone, but for your computer or Android as well! 

  • Depending how in trouble you are, a good suggestion is plan your time...ahead of time!
  • Prioritize your time, for me right now an example might be: make kids' lunch before blogging! LOL! *ahem!* I'll be right back:) (7:20 am)
Ok, lunches made, youngest daughter off to school, other two kiddos ready to roll, I can blog again:)

  • Treat your time like a business schedule.  Make appointments to clean, organize, and spend time with your family! 
  • Don't overload yourself with your list of things to do! 
  • Go over your appointments and commitments in the beginning of every week, write them down in your Cozi calendar, and write them down for the family to see too!  I have a huge chalkboard that I write down all our weekly schedule. 

  •  Delegate!  It is ok to ask for help.  I struggle with this, since I'm the one home, but giving the kids chores and making sure they do them is O.K.  Although they may complain, it helps build character and work ethic overall.

  • Establish a routine.  Spend time each day keeping up on the basics in the home.  This will help you stay organized and make the job of deep cleaning so much easier!
  • Make time for yourself so that you can stay sane.  I know that I have times when I actually feel like I might be going crazy, that's when I know I've overwhelmed myself with too much!
Hope these time management tips helped, now I need to practice what I preach:)


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