Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9: Upcycled Organizing

Day 9

I love to UPCYCLE!  I love all the amazing ideas there are out there, genius really!  The possibilities are endless...Plus you can't get much better than FREE!

Take a milk jug for instance,
Family Fun has a great idea using a milk jug for a re-usable lunch container, but you could use it to organize & hold anything! 

{I found the following ideas on CRAFT:}

I love this idea!  This is a plastic wrap container that was turned into a tape dispenser, but I would use it for ribbon!  Very clever:)

 How cool is this piece!?  Made from a variety of "orphaned" drawers, gorgeous!

An old cabinet door, add some hooks and viola!

I found this very cool Ballard Designs knock-off project on The Choose to Thrive blog...LOVE!

The possibilities really are endless if you just take a minute, look around your house and make what you have work for you!  Upcycling is so much fun, and you feel so accomplished afterward♥
Happy Sunday! 
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