Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12 of 31 days of Organizing

Day 12: Woot-Woot! 
I first want to challenge everyone to spend 15 minutes today working on a sore spot in your home.  A junk drawer, the pile of mail, linen closet...Whatever it may be, let's see how much better you feel when it's cleaned up and organized!

 I thought this was just adorable! A great use of vintage blue jars, displayed in a very fab way, and yet functional!  In the words of Martha Stewart, this is "A Good Thing!"
 In my dreams I would have a craft closet that looked like this!  Can you even imagine!
I loved this idea!  Simple and FREE!  They used toilet paper rolls to organize cables and cords...We currently have a box full of misc. cables and cords!  I'm going to start saving up our toilet paper & paper towels rolls:) Brilliant idea!

Tin cans are a great & again, FREE, way to get organized!  I've painted tin cans, covered them in paper, tied ribbon around them...the possibilities are endless!  Very cute.

Hope you've been inspired!  I know I have♥ If you haven't already, head over to my facebook page and "like" it so you can be in on the {GIVEAWAY}!  I only need one more follower, and then game on! 
Have a wonderful day friends!  Organize, Laugh, Love:) 


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