Saturday, December 31, 2011

DIY Cake Pan Tier

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DIY Cake Pan tin Tier

These are the ingredients!  Please excuse my presentation of a Home Depot box being used as a drop cloth! 

Ingredients include:
  • 2 Candlesticks (the same size works best in my opinion)
  • 1 curtain tie back (or finial topper)
  • 1 tube of E-6000
  • Paint
I ended up not using the smaller candlestick in the picture above, as it was too small and looked funny.  So, I used two candlesticks of the same size, which gives you more room in between to store crafty items, or fruit or whatever your little heart desires! 
After you have all your items together, paint the candlesticks and finial topper whatever color, or colors, you would like.  I chose black on all three...
After the paint dries, lightly sand the bottom of No.1 candlestick and put a dab of glue, center it on the first cake pan.  Do the No. 2 candlestick the same way.  I waited until the glue was somewhat dry to put the cake pans on top of the candlesticks, and then top it off with the finial (which is really a curtain tie back:)

 You can use this adorable piece to store or display almost anything!  Fruit, craft supplies, cookies, in the bathroom for make-up...I could go on and on!  Now go get your JUNK on!  Happy New Year everyone♥  {Cheers to 2012}
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