Friday, December 30, 2011

Love Jesus, Sing & Dance♥

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 I hope every one's Christmas was wonderful!  Ours definitely was♥  We're already planning on going on a cruise next Christmas which is so exciting, and a great inspiration to continue working out! 
I've finally caught up on my rest and I've been a busy bee!  Working on projects for my booth, mean while neglecting my Etsy shop, but all in good time!  {Time Management is not my strong suit}
 I love this blue chair, I wanted to keep her:( But she was intended to sell, so sell she will! People love these coffee filter wreaths!  I actually really enjoy making them, it takes a ton of coffee filters but the result is so pretty! 
This is my second month in my booth, and it's going so well! My mind is constantly reeling with ideas and projects that I can't wait to start.  This past week I've been making these signs, which I love!  I just took two down to the booth today...
I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make a 3 Tiered Cake Pan Organizer (Phew that's a mouth full!), so stay tuned and tell your friends♥

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