Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Simplifying Life

As I sit here blogging, when I should be making dinner, or cleaning up the mess that fills my table and kitchen, I realize...I have way too many pots on the fire!  (Except the pots filled with dinner of course! And BTW is "pots on the fire" even a saying?  I think I'm saying it wrong? ) All these "activities" are swallowing me like on that HOARDERS show! 
Hold on a second I really need to put something on the stove for dinner, let me swim through my crafting supplies and shop inventory and make my way to the kitchen...

(10 minutes later...)

Back to my mess.  Maybe it is as the Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."  One of my New Year resolutions every year is to GET ORGANIZED.  This year I don't want to organize, I want to SIMPLIFY!
So, yesterday I conquered to Master Bathroom... I threw away 2 small grocery bags full of expired medicine, old make-up, & finger nail polish gone bad.  Not to mention the 5 different make-up bags that my HOARDER-IN-TRAINING daughter has collected.
(Pictures were taken with my iPhone, not perfect, but not too shabby♥ and it doesn't have to be perfect to be...okay:)

 This was our cupboards in the bathroom before...unorganized and untidy!

 I used baskets and chalkboard labels, organized bliss for our standards anyway:) Looking at this picture makes me want to go re-fold my towels...YIKES!
All in all, it feels awesome to get rid of junk (not the good kind of course)!  Some wise people, not sure who they are, have said many times, "If you don't love it..." well I'm not sure exactly what they say, but its something like, if you don't love it get rid of it!  And so I am and it feels Oh-So-Good!
  Hope this first week of the New Year is going well for you all! 


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