Thursday, January 5, 2012

Before and After

First I want to apologize for the picture quality, again I have a major camera gone bad problem in need of fixin'!

This is an armoire I have had for years. I painted it once before, then a year or two later added the black stripes, *sarcastic "ooh!"*  LOL!

 It sits in the living room off the kitchen where the kids usually watch tv.  Better known as, the majorly neglected room...

Here is the after.  I made some chalk paint out of Glidden Shell White from The Home Depot
 I love how it turned out! I need window coverings somethin' fierce, hence the angelic light coming through the not-so-clean windows:)  Along with simplifying, this new year I am determined to fill our home with only the things we love.  For me that means the colors I love, the style I love, and of course, most importantly, the people that I love♥ 


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