Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Home Goals

I'm linking up with The Nester and sharing my 2012 Home Goals! 
I'd like to start out by saying my No. 1 goal is to change the colors of my house & furniture altogether! 

These colors are more along the lines of what I'd really like to go with...Beautiful!

Welcome to my home!  This is the "entry way" if you would even call it that.  There isn't much room.  I did have a desk here, but currently this stuff sits in its place.  I'm not happy with any of this really. Probably 6 years ago, I had my father-in-law put a couple chairs together for me to make this bench, & I love it!  It is in desperate need of an update! Goal No. 2, I would like to make much better use of this space altogether. 

This is our main living space, where big TV is, where my hubby and Bubba eat chips and salsa (I swear I need to buy stock in Santitas and Pace!),and its where we are most of the time...The arrows point to all the things I want to change. No. 3

I'm done with Brown people!  At least at this scale:)

My No. 4 goal for my home is
  • FOCUS.  My problem over the years has been deciding how far to go with a certain look, and which look to go with?  
 Because I been over thinking this, it has overwhelmed me.  Well, until now!  Remember, for me this is the year to "Simplify."

No. 5 This is our other living room, the one I've told you about...The neglected room. 
  • I'm thinking of keeping this couch & table.  The remedy, a slipcover and paint! 
  • The old door stays, because I love it! 

{This is directly across from the red couch.} 
  • I would love to put a simple mantle piece and change the entire thing up a bit. 
  • I brought the urns in from outside this winter, I think they would look pretty with topiaries?  I may paint them?  I haven't decided... 

Lastly, No. 6 our bedroom...
  • This bed is beautiful but it is too darn small! I'm ready for a King sized bed! 
  • I want to add some window treatments, some matching side tables, and create a peaceful,gorgeous space for us♥
  • Love it or throw it out!
  • Use the colors I love
  • Make our home usable & beautiful!
  • FOCUS, and take my time.  I'm notorious for having an "I want it done now" attitude.  I know that this will take time, please Lord give me patience♥ 
  • Simplify
  • Know that my house is a HOME because of the people who live & LOVE here, not because of the "things" that surround us...
Those are my home goals in a bundle...Do you have any?
Leave it in a comment!  I love to hear from everyone♥

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