Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Peak Inside

I am so excited to take you over to meet my Mama...again! 
I've written about her before, you can must read those posts below:
But I've never taken you to her home♥ 

My mom is one of my greatest inspirations.  She has inspired, and continues to inspire, me in so many ways.  She agreed to be a guest here at Takin' Time, and with that we are all privileged to get a peak inside her home...sort of! (hehe!) So everyone go grab a cup of coffee, sit down and stay a while...

This is the front of her home in July♥ My mom has an amazing gift when it comes to gardening.

I asked Mom how she would describe her decorating style:
 "I would say Traditional Home Decorating with a little bit of Shabby Chic thrown in."
(Great example below)


Mom, what inspires you?
"Going to Barnes and Noble, grabbing an arm full of decorating magazines, a sugar free hazelnut latte, and a comfortable seat! "
Me too!  I miss doing that with you!

Is there anyone in particular who inspires you and your decorating style?
"I love, love, love Candice Olson of HGTV’s Divine Design!"

What are some of your favorite items in your home?
"That's easy! All of the sweet little birds I've received as gifts, (some of them I purchased myself) would have to be my favorite items. They make me happy! "

{I got this one for her♥ Isn't he adorable?!}

Can you take us to your favorite room in your home?
"My favorite room would have be my living room. I love to sit on my sofa, which faces the fireplace, wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket with a good book (or magazine) and a hot cup of tea on a cold winters night! "

Mom...Did you use the watercolor effect on this picture?  (Note: My mom LOVES the watercolor effect!) hehe!
Your dining room is beautiful too! I especially love the built in espresso machine back there♥ hehe! I'm always thinking of coffee!

Thank you so much for having us take a peak inside your amazing, beautiful home.  Is there anything else you would like to add?
"If one could reside in a home, that inspires, welcomes, and evokes a sense of warmth, love, and friendship then you have accomplished much!"

I love you Mom, you are my inspiration!

*NOTE: My youngest daughter, Meme while watching me post this says, "Grandma is good at decorating, she should be on the Nate Show."  Love that girl♥
I hope all of you enjoyed this llittle peak inside my Mama's home. Don't forget to join Takin' Time & stay tuned, tomorrow I'm linking up with The Nester and sharing my 2012 HOME Goals!


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