Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Back Copy Cat!

 One of the things I love best about BLOGGYLAND  and FACEBOOK and TWITTER and PINTEREST...(hehe!) the plethora of inspiration out there!  I love to be inspired!   Sharing ideas and  trying those ideas is so much fun!  However, when you copy someones ideas without giving them credit, and when you claim them as your own that is flat out dirty.

Don't get me wrong, it is flattering when someone likes what you've done so much that they want to give it a shot too!  There's nothing wrong with that.   But you have to give credit where credit is due, especially when you are profiting, or trying to profit from it. 

Unfortunately, I've had personal experience with this (and it hasn't ended).  Call me crazy, but I think its especially bad when you know the person copying you personally.  It all started the last time I had a booth, (not my current booth) and she had a booth too.  I was so excited for her, and loved to go check her stuff out when I was down there.  One day I noticed a few of her things were attempts at exact replica's of some of my own creations, not only that, but she had undercut my prices!  I was absolutely floored!  I kept expecting her to say, "hey, did you see I made that too!" but it never happened.  I chose to keep my mouth shut, and take it as flattery, even though it did offend me and I thought it was so strange.
Quite a bit of time has passed since then, and she recently started blogging.  Awesome for her right?!  Except, I've noticed that her posts are eerily similar to my little bloggy-blog and the crafts and projects that I have recently done. At times she even uses the exact same verbiage!  What to do, what to do?  It freaks me out people!

ANSWER:  Blog about it, of course!  And so I am...Although I struggled with being frustrated with this, I realize that she isn't a threat to my business or my blog.  So, I will leave my frustration with this post and move on. What?  I really will:)
Do tell, how do you feel about being copied, or about copying others? 

Miss Mustard Seed wrote a great post about this very subject...and she's like the Queen of being copied...oh let's be honest, she's like the Queen of A Lot of things♥


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